Benefits to Giving Your Recipient the Power of Choice


Many recipients exchange their gift for something else on the Alyce marketplace. When this happens, don’t worry! The goal of Alyce is that your recipient winds up with something they want. When someone exchanges the gift you sent them, they have the ability to wind up with something they’re excited about.

Here’s an example to better understand this:

Let’s say you’re sent an invitation for a new Herschel duffle bag and you’re impressed that the person who sent you the invitation knew you do a lot of traveling, but you don’t want another bag. With Alyce, you are able to exchange this duffle bag for something else, such as another travel accessory that you don’t have yet. 

Thanks to the ability to exchange, you are able to increase the number of prospects who are happy with their gift. The happier your prospects are with their gift, the more meetings you are able to arrange. And usually, the happier the prospect, the more successful the meetings are.

We remind you to not feel that you are doing something wrong if your recipients are exchanging their gifts on the Alyce marketplace. At the end of the day, the goal is for your recipient to have something that they are excited about, whether this is the gift you originally sent them or the gift that they exchanged for.

As the person who sent the gift invitation, you can (and should) feel happy knowing that you:

  • Sent an invitation for something that showed thought 
  • Your recipient received something they actually wanted

Oftentimes recipients will exchange their gift for a gift card, such as to Amazon. If you notice your recipients doing this, there is nothing to worry about. When this happens, your recipient is exchanging for the gift that they want. If you’re concerned about the number of people that are exchanging gifts, especially for gift cards (such as Amazon):

  1. Don’t worry, you’re probably doing everything right!
  2. Read this article that might help you better understand why this is happening

If you’re worried about your recipient seeing certain brands or types of gifts (such as gift cards) on the Alyce marketplace when they go to exchange a gift, you have the ability to restrict what appears in the marketplace. To control these settings, please visit this article.

Note: if your recipient exchanges their gift and you required them to take an action in order to receive the gift, they will still be required to take the action(s). When your recipient exchanges their gift and accepts a new gift, you will be provided with the requested information (email, phone number, meeting details, etc.). You can find details in this article about requiring a recipient to take an action to receive their gift.
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